... an epic, emotionally wrenching, groundbreaking story that will have you shedding both tears of joy and horror

... it left me wanting to read more. So, Mr. Johnson, please get that brilliant mind of yours back to work and give us more.

This amazing literary work has truly been an enjoyable and exciting eye opener. This book supplied all that a reader could ask for: suspense, creativity, tact, love, action, realistic references, awareness and freedom.

Image of Emeralds and Chocolate
K. Murry Johnson's Breakout Gay Vampire Novel
Image of Emeralds and Chocolate

In his breakout novel, K. Murry Johnson combines two never before paired genres: black gay and vampire fiction. Set in Louisiana, Image of Emeralds and Chocolate masterfully explores the past and the present. The novel speaks to all who have ever dreamed of finding romance, and captures the national obsession with vampires. The story follows Eric Peterson, a talented high school senior enrolled in a creative writing course at Loyola University. Insecure and inexperienced, he often daydreams about finding love. His fantasies quickly become reality when a strikingly attractive new student, Marquis LeBlanc, is assigned as his writing partner.

But the man of Eric’s dreams is hiding something. Marquis has been severely depressed for a very long time. His therapeutic motive for enrolling in a writing class is abruptly derailed when he unexpectedly falls in love for the second time in his life. If Marquis reveals his secret, will Eric accept him…or even believe him?

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